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About Us

Why We Did This

We created Sham Nation to reintroduce the beauty of Bilad Al Sham.

Sham Nation is about sharing tradition and awareness to what is happing in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, & Jordan. We do this by creating designs that show the beauty of the beautiful 4 countries. We also will be uploading a blog ever week or two explaining Bilad Al Sham's architecture and showing what really happens in the Middle East.


On April 12th 2020 I started looking for something to do so I don't get bored so I created a Social Media Marketing Agency Khatib Online Resoures and to be honest I enjoyed it and decided to work on this all summer until one day in Ramadan I was sitting down and I was watching a show called Qalby Ettman with my Family. This show is about a guy named Ghaith that goes up to people and gives them money and most importantly gives them happiness. This helped me realize that not many people know about the crisis in the Middle East, So I created blog about whats happing in the Middle East. But sadly that didn't work out so I started designing, and thats where it all began. I got an idea to create designs and put it on a shirt to show people the beauty of Al Sham. At the same time I decided to create Blogs about Bilad Al Sham and whats going on over there. After a month I took it seriously and my family supported me ( Thank you ) and Finally I made it possible.

 Thank you for Reading 

                                                                                    BY: HATEM KH (FOUNDER)